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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mr. Max

We have been doing lots so far this summer. Trying to get out and enjoy the good weather, that we had.... here are a few pics of what we've been up to.

Max woke up with his first bloody nose. Because he "picked it."

We went out to Grantsville and fed some baby lambs.

Rode his scooter down City Creek with his dad, and never wanted to get off.

Hiked up Millcreek (and ran down, or course.)

Made a cake with Dad and was super excited. I love this pic!

Tried his first bike ramp with some neighbor kids. I laughed as I watched those cheeks just bounce and bounce!

This kid is such a water rat. He'll get in anything, even if its freezing cold!

Loves to swing "way high."

Runs where ever he goes. This is on the Lagoon trail.

Went horseback riding up in Huntsville for Family Night with some friends.

Roasted hot dogs and mellows.
Max is just the best boy ever!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

3 weeks today!

Libbie is doing great. She's already 3 weeks old. She's already over 8 pounds. She is awake longer and looks around and is just taking everything in. Max just loves is little sister. He always wants to hold her and he tells her to not be sad when she cries. He's such a stud! I love that little man. My friend came over the other day, and took some pictures of her to get some practice for her major in photography. I think they turned out so cute. Thanks Tasha! My very talented sister Tairah sent me a big ol' box of tons of the cutest hair bows that she made! She's the best ever!