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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We finally, finally got our cancellation letter on June 18, 2008. We plan to be sealed September 27, 2008. I finally get to be with my righteous husband and little boy forever and ever!

My husband is crazy

As many of you may already know, Dave it totally in his element in the mountains on his bike. Nothing gets any better than that! Well the other day he went out above our house for a couple hours. When he got home I asked him how his ride was.

"It was good. I saw a rattle snake... I saw two of them actually, I ran one of them over with my bike. I got some pictures I'll have to show ya. I hit his rattle so I could get a picture, and threw my glove at it, so you could see how big it was."

I was just starring at him with my mouth wide open.

"Don't worry it wasn't that big."

Ah yes, that's comforting.

He's just crazy! I don't know what I would do if I saw a rattle snake, but I know for pretty dang sure... that I wouldn't go hitting the rattle with my fingers! Now I have to worry about him finding poisonous snakes to play with while he's up there too. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strawberry Days

We love the Strawberry Days Rodeo. This was our 3rd year going. The greasy cheese burgers and tons of strawberries and cream. We're all about it! Max loved it he was freaking out with all the cows and horses everywhere. He would say "goggie" and point and say "Mooo" We were just crackin up.
There were FMX riders they were awesome. When they were all done they rode around and everyone cheered and tossed his goggles into the crowd. And I CAUGHT THEM! They were soaked with sweat... but Dave made but put em on for the picture. Ah I was so excited. I was laughing so hard.



I just have to share my all time favorite restaurant in St. George called Scaldoni's. You MUST go there if you are ever in town. It's THE. BEST.

I ordered the filet mignon with polenta and a wild mushroom crust. So dang good!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Full of Romance

Dave had a little surprise for me the other night, and I was so excited. We've both been busy working on the house and everything else, that we haven't gotten to spend very much time together alone. So he planned a night together. We went up to Sundace and went on a moonlight chair lift ride that lasted about 45 min. Just talking, kissing, and holding hands. It was like we were dating again! I loved every second of it! Dave is such an amazing man. I love him so so much! He just gives and gives and makes me feel so important and loved all the time. He's so sensitive and such a fun-loving dad!
Here is an excellent picture from the chair lift! It was so beautiful!

Sssstrike 3!

We went to a Bee's Game the other night, and they lost. But Max had a ton of fun walking around and checking everything out. He's all over the place these days, just chatting away like he totally knows what he's talking about.

He even sat in his little seat and watched the game for a while. ...so serious!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LRRH 2008

Here I go....

The night before there was no sleep for this little guy....
Here I am still riding.....
Still sleeping....

When is mom going to get here....

Only made it 82 out of 102 miles.... maybe next time I should try riding more than 6 times before I try to go 102 miles....I rode from Wellsville Utah up to Preston ID and back to Benson Utah. I'm happy that I at least made it that far!