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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Did you know.....

I was tagged by Lovely Lindsay, and Kandice a few days ago to post some facts that some of you may not know about me.

1. I was born 3 months early. 2.6 pounds. I was in the ICU for 3 months. Maybe you've noticed the HUGE scars on each side of my neck from them trying to place a feeding tube down my throat. I have another long scar across my shoulder down to my arm pit and lots of prick scars on my hands from them drawing blood all the time.

2. I danceD Hula, Tahitian, New Zealand Poi Ball, Tap, Jazz, Ballet. It was all way long ago. But recently I've discovered I have an interest to do ballet again. Just seems so calm and elegant. Anyone want to take a class with me??
3. Ive modeled....a little bit. Nothing major.

4. When I was little I used to eat leaves off of trees. I would also go to any home and knock on their door and ask them, "Do you have any food I can eat. My mom doesn't feed me. Maybe a popsicle or a cookie"?

5. Ive driven 120 mph...maybe it was more like 117. Still too fast right? It had a governor on it and would shut off automatically for a second until it slowed down, then it would start going again. I must admit that I really had a need for speed, but now that I'm married and have a baby...not so much. But you have to understand that I was always driving back and forth and back and forth from Utah to Montana all the time. You learn where all the cops hide and when you can go fast to shorten the 10 hour trip to maybe 7 or 8? Maybe even 6 hours a few times... How many tickets have I gotten you ask? Just one a couple years ago. All the rest were just warnings.

6. I'm a nail bitter, its the grossest thing ever! I hate germs. I'll think about all the nasty crud that are under my nails...and I still can't stop! Ive tried so hard for so long. My mom said that I have chewed my nails ever since I had my first tooth. The only thing that helps me is to get fake ones. Then I'm always having to keep up on them. What do ya do?

Fun stuff Eh? What are some fun facts about you? Im tagging a few friends of my own. Steph. Tairah. Linsy. Kandice. Dave. Let's hear it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank Goodness

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. I just think it went by way too fast. Here ya are spending all this time prepping. Setting the table, bringing the turkey, peeling potatoes, making pies, and yummy gingerbread cheesecake, yams, salad...chop chop chop! Then everyone sits down and pigs out for maybe a good hour, and its all over....that's it? Just seems to me that it just came and went so quickly this year. But then again I've never had everyone over at my house for a big meal! I have to say that I had so much fun planning it all out with my sister Tairah. She's so creative and festive for all the holidays. She helped with all the food and everything. Shes the best! Thanks again Tairah I miss you! I love my family and I'm so happy that everyone enjoyed coming to our house this year! We love you all, and miss you tons already!
The lovely dinner table...

Little miss Allie-
(With super cute bows in her hair that Tairah made, see what did I tell ya!)

Then the after Thanksgiving treat...

We all got sick! Max got some kinds of eye infection and the flu with a temp of 101. I got the flu 102. Tairahs little boy got the flu 103...fun stuff! But its all over. Just memories now! Hope everyone had a great holiday and spent memorable time with their families!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What the....

Dave and I were driving to meet some friends for dinner the other night, when I noticed a cop driving next to us on the freeway. I looked at him and noticed that he was typing on his laptop with one hand. I thought to myself...wow that's gotta be safe. We then proceeded to pass him, and he sped up to pass us. I then noticed that not only was he still typing on his laptop, but he was using BOTH hands. Now how's that for an example of safe driving?? I just don't understand why they say they are wanting to start pulling people for talking on their cell phones, eating food etc. when cops don't even drive with their hands!

Chocolate Show

Can I just tell everyone how much I LOOOOVE my sister? She got into town after a 16 hour drive from Oklahoma early this morning. I am so dang happy! I just love hanging out, teasing, laughing and being with her. I really wish she lived closer to me. She is my best friend, and I look up to her more than she will ever ever know. She is an amazing mom. She has the freakin' cutest little boys. They just crack me up! I'm am incredibly happy that they are all going to be here for a week. Today has already gone by too fast. I can already imagine how the weeks going to fly by!

I went down to Thanksgiving Point where she is staying for the week. We decided to take out our little babies, and Tairah's sister-in-law Lynsie, to the Chocolate Show at the South Town Expo Center. So it may not have been all that I thought it was cracked up to be, but we still had a awesome time. It was so much smaller than I thought it would be. We just laughed and talked and laughed and ate chocolate, ate more chocolate, and then even more. What can be better than that? There were lots of vendors sampling all their yummy chocolate. No chocolate covered anything... just chocolate. There was organic, chips, chunks, melted chocolate, all kinds! And bread. They had super chewy bread from this bakery in Kamas. Ah it was amazing! Tairah bought 2 loafs. Yum! There were some pretty amazing wedding cakes that some people had made for one competition. Those were really fun to see. They had little cooking shows every hour or so, that they would teach everyone how to make some sort of chocolate delight. My most favorite part was just being able to spend some time with my beautiful, fun sister. I love you tons Tairah!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My two front teef

I've felt so bad for Max these past couple days. He's getting his two front teeth in and it's no fun. He woke up last night and cried for three hours. Yep, threeeee long hours. We felt so helpless. Just a little Motrin, and that's it? Is there anymore suggestions out there? How can I help him not be in so much pain. They popped through today, so I hope the worst is over, but we'll see. He still only has four teeth...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Party

Our neighbors had a little Halloween Party that we decided we'd go to last minute. Dave dressed up as a snorkeler, I went as Brittney Spears, and Max was a little duck. We had lots of good food and games. It was really fun to meet some new people too.

This was so hard. Has anyone ever tried this game? It was impossible! The first to take a bite out of the apple wins. But you can't use your hands or anything. I think the person who won cheated....

Max wanted to give it a try too. He was the life of the party and even won the costume contest!

Isn't he just too cute?