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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is Tairah, my older sister (by 11 months) and her husband Jared. I am so excited! She is headed here from Oklahoma today to hang out with me...and my mom if I'll share her... till Aug. 16! Almost a month. It's just awesome. I get to see her once or twice a year for only a few days, so I'm just all grins today awaiting her arrival! I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Concert- Yeah Baby!

My friend got tickets to the John Mayer Concert for her birthday and invited me to go with her. I'm one lucky gal! I got a burger and fries with a drink and got a water bottle for only $19.50... what a steal! ...Don't tell Dave. It was so much fun! I'm glad I got to go! Thanks again Mark and Kandice! You guys ROCK!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First 911 call...

It was super hot on Friday- so I thought it would be fun to take Max to the pool to cool off a little. I had my keys in my hand as I put Max in his car seat. He kept saying "Hot Hot Hot..." It was super hot in the car, and I started to buckle him in his seat. I accidentally hit the lock button on the automatic lock on the key chain. I threw my keys in the front seat and finished buckling him in. Then I got out and just closed the door. The car was locked and my keys and phone were in the front seat in the car. I ran inside and called a lock smith and they told me I had to call 911. It took the cop 15 min to get here, and when he did he tried unlocking the car for 30 min! Max was sweating like crazy and staring to freak out and cry! His eyes were super bloodshot. I felt horrible! Finally the cop and Dave got to the unlock button in the car and they were pushing it and it wouldn't unlock. I guess when you lock my car with the auto lock, it disables it from being unlocked from the button inside the car. So I just said "Break the window, I need to get him out of there..." When I pulled Max out he was all wet, and so hot and red. I took him over to the hose and let him cool off in the water and made him drink lots of apple juice. It was the worst day of my life. I just kept crying throughout the day when I would think about him in the car, and how miserable he was. We should have just broke the window when the cop got there. It was so sad!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our friends invited us to go with them up to Jackson Hole for some weekend camping and it was so much fun! They gave us our first official river kayak lesson to attempt the Snake River. Um, yeah right- I was so nervous. So I just got all dressed up in the gear to take this picture. But really I probably only went down the river 20 feet till there was a pull off point where you could practice rolling and all those life saving skills that are crucial for this sport. But again, I just sat and watched. I think I'll try it again just somewhere a little more mellow. Not some freaky crazy-fast river!

We went up to the Teton National Forest and it's just beautiful up there!

We went up to Jenny and Leigh Lake. We bought a little raft to just float and play around in. Max loved it a little too much. He's so confident in the water it scares us. He was pulling himself out of the boat to get into the water....yes, he HAD to get in. So Dave just held his arms and let him kick around. Then he'd want to get back in and try it again!

We camped in Alpine just off a dirt road somewhere near a river. I woke up our second night there to something sniffing right by Max. I woke Dave up. We listened as whatever it was walked around our tent to Dave and I "SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF" I was the most scared that I have ever, ever been in my life! I started shaking and kept telling Dave that "I was so scared." Dave grabbed the keys to hit the panic alarm on the car to try and scare it away and while he was getting them it got scared. I keep thinking about this thinking it had to be a black bear. I don't hear of too many moose, deer or elk, going up to tents to check em out! Just glad that it got scared and went away! I'm going to buy a gun and keep it with our camping supplies just in case! I've never been so freaked out!