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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chocolates Chocolates Chocolates...

My Grandma Clawson is a Pro at making home made candies. Especially Chocolates! I went up there yesterday and helped her roll out at her cream centers. There were tons and she only made half of what she usually does. We rolled out Orange creams, Coconut, Tropical, Mint, Opera, Black walnut and Strawberry. We had about 8 cookie sheets full of little balls to set and dry out to get ready to be dipped into the yummy milk, dark, or creamy white chocolate.

I can't wait. I didn't want to gain tons of weight over the holidays/pregnancy... But what the heck- these are too good to pass up! I'll also be enjoying Toffee, Caramels, Nut clusters, Toffee clusters, Almond joys, Dipped cherries, Nougats, Turtles, and always a few gum balls. She doesn't mess around when it comes to holiday treats! And no, I'm not sharing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elder Jace David Conrow

Coming Home January 23, 2009!
Australia Melbourne West Mission
I can't wait to see my little bro! Only a few more weeks!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I made cheese muffins the other day and thought of this video!

Is this all I blog about these days?

He's my life. I'm home all day everyday with this kid and I love it! (most days anyway) I think he's just like Dave, but looks like his mom. He's so organized. Puts his shoes away in this closet, has to have his shoes tied a certain way. Yeah I know... he's not even 2 yet and he's this picky. We're in trouble. Even if he chews gum, he'll throw it in the garbage when he's done with it. Seriously? Not to mention he LOVES ice cream... which is also you guessed it- just like his dad! Just look at that face! He cracks me up!

Meeting Santa

We had out ward Christmas party the other night. We were so lucky to have Mr. and Mrs. Clause there. I'm not too sure what Max thought of the whole thing, but if there is ever candy involved in anything...he's a happy boy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Utah Jazz

We had a fun date last night. We went to the Jazz game and had 12th row tickets! We were so excited! Then we saw my uncles Jared and Dave on the FRONT row! I called my uncle Dave and asked him how in the heck he got those tickets?! He told me he got them from his work and there were 2 more seats next to them that were from his work, and we should come claim em! So you guessed it, we went on down there for the 2nd half! It was awesome!

Go Jazz!

Mr. Max

This is Mr. Max. Who's not so little anymore. Actually he's developed quite the sass lately. He's saying pretty much everything and anything. His new thing is the cal Dave by his name. "What happen Dave? What happen?" or whenever he comes home from work, "DAVE" but it almost always sounds like "Bave".

He's way into reading books, and destroying them/eating them.

He's always entertaining himself. Quite the little Mr. Independent. He love to put his shoes on, and off. Asks me to help him put them on again. This is what we do all day! Seriously!

The funniest thing was a little while ago... I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Max was kind of coughing a little bit. He's been potty training a little and has a little potty in the bathroom. As he continued to cough and leaned down and opened his little potty and coughed into it. I was laughing! He cracks me up! I wonder what he's been seeing his mom do way to much lately. Notice the lack of blogging. But good news is I'm back to my old self again. 16 weeks along and finally feeling good. That was the longest 10 weeks of my life! Still no ultra sound. Hopefully we'll get one soon. I can't wait! I'll keep ya'll posted for sure!

Feelin' Crafty?

Every year our family has a Christmas Ornament/Cookie Exchange. This year I was feelin' a wee bit crafty. I always get this little buzz when the weather gets too cold to want to go outside...so I sew. And I love it! My very crafty little friend Lins gave me this super cute idea. Thanks Lins!